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Subject: Fast Food Work Program I work at a fast food restaurant and we have newstar top bbs lolita
a summer work program,
which allows us to hire fourteen and fifteen year old employees in
non-industrial positions. That would include cleaning tables in the dining
room, washing dishes or sweeping and mopping the floors. One of my
assistants hired a fourteen year old black boy named Dontazz. I had seen
him a few times, but had never actually worked with him. Dontazz worked
nights and I worked days. I was just getting off work and went into the
bathroom before leaving. I was standing at one of the urinals, when
Dontazz walked in and stepped up to the other urinal beside me. I had just
finished pissing as Dontazz unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick. He was only fourteen years old, but when his dick flopped out, I couldn't
believe the size of it. I stared down at his dick and before I realized what
I was doing, I said, "Man, your dick is huge." Dontazz had yanked on his
dick a few times in preparation for taking a piss, when he looked over at me
haughtily and said, "Yeah it is. It's eight inches long when it's soft.
When it's hard is grows to ten and a half inches." I continued to stare at
his dick and said, "How old are you?" Dontazz said, "I turned fourteen, last
week. Did you want to see my dick when it gets hard?" Dontazz started to
slowly jack his dick up and down, so I said, "Y-y-yes, I would love to see it
hard." As Dontazz stroked his dick, it started to grow. I was captivated by
the size of this young boy's dick. Dontazz whispered something, so I looked
up from his dick and said, "Excuse me, what did you say?" Dontazz said,
"Lean over and take a closer look." I looked over at Dontazz questioningly
and he nodded his head confidently, so I leaned over as Dontazz continued to
massage his dick. I watched as his dick kept getting bigger and thicker, when Dontazz said,
"Kneel down." Without hesitation, I knelt down and noticed how close my face
was to his dick. Dontazz released his dick and it wagged up and down in
front of me in it's semi-hard state. I looked up at Dontazz and he said, "If
you want to see it hard, you make it hard." I was a little stunned, but
reached up and gently wrapped my fingers around his dick. It was warm to the
touch and it felt like electricity shot up my arm and down my body into my
crotch. I felt my own dick start to stir in my pants, as I began to move my
hand up and down Dontazz's dick. Dontazz said, "You like looking at my big
dick and jacking me off, don't you?" Bewitched by the size, I said, "Y-y-yes, I can't get over how gigantic it
is and real amateur nude lolitas it feels so hard." I lengthened the stroke on his dick until it was
totally rigid, then Dontazz said, "Suck it." I was like free lolita movie samples a snake-charmer
being charmed by the snake, videos de lolita pussy
so I leaned over and sucked the head of his dick
into my mouth. The taste of his dick was euphoric as I licked around the
immense head. Dontazz said, "Take more in your mouth." I pushed my mouth
down on his dick until the head of his dick tapped the back of my throat. I
gagged a little, but pushed harder as the head of his dick stretched my
throat and cut off my videos de lolita pussy
air passage. I pushed deeper as my eyes teared up. I
pulled my hand off his dick and grabbed his hips as I pushed down further
onto his dick. I pushed a little farther until I felt my chin touch his
balls and the few small wisps of curly pubic hair brushed against my nose. I
couldn't believe that I had all ten and a half inches of this boy's black
dick down my throat, when I pulled off and took a deep breath. I pushed back
down on his dick until I had my lips wrapped around the base again. I pulled off and went back down with ever increasing quickness, when
Dontazz said, "That's enough. I have to go clock in and start work." I
pulled my mouth off his dick, looked up into his eyes and in a whimpering
voice said, "Please, don't make me stop yet. I'll make sure you get paid for
this, but you've got to let me suck your dick a little longer. I want to
taste your sperm. I want to have you come in my mouth. Please, don't make
me stop now." Dontazz looked down at me, as I sucked his dick back down my
throat and said, "I'll get paid for this, right?" I nodded my head
enthusiastically, then free lolita movie samples pulled off his dick and said, "Yes, just don't make me
take your dick out of my mouth now." I opened my mouth wide and slid my lips
all the way down his monstrous cock. I sucked up and down like a man
possessed until I felt his legs tense under my hands. I quickened my pace
even more until I felt his dick pulse a few times, then his sperm gushed out
the end of his dick into my mouth. I pulled my mouth off his dick until the head of his dick was laying on
my tongue and quivering as his dick continued to spurt his cum down my
throat. I swallowed a small amount so the rest of his sperm could wash
around my tongue and let me savor the taste of his sweet tangy sperm. I
grabbed the base of his dick and milked it to get any remaining sperm out of
it, when the bathroom door opened and my assistant manager walked in. He
stood there with a shocked look on his face, so I yelled, "Shut the door."
He stepped in and closed the door as I squeezed Dontazz's dick and pulled my
hand up the shaft to the head. A small bead of sperm oozed out of the slit,
so I closed my mouth over the head of Dontazz's dick and licked across the
slit. I pulled off Dontazz's dick with a loud pop and wagged his dick at my
assistant manager as I said, "Have you ever seen such an enormous dick on
such a young boy?" My assistant shook his head no as I sucked the head of Dontazz's dick
back into my mouth. I sucked up and down Dontazz's dick until it was totally
flaccid, then looked up at my assistant and said, "Make sure you schedule
Dontazz to come in on the days that I work because I want to be able to suck
this beautiful thing every chance I can." My assistant stood there
mesmerized by Dontazz's dick, just as I had been, then he nodded his head and
said, "Okay, but do you think I could suck it sometimes, too?" I got up off
my knees and said, "That would be up to him." I zipped up my pants, then
wiped my mouth with the back of my hand and left the room. I went into the
office and expected Dontazz and my assistant manager to come out of the
bathroom at any time, but finally fifteen minutes later, my assistant came
into the office with a big smile on his face. I was sitting at the desk, adjusting Dontazz's time on the computer, when
my assistant said, "Man, that kid has a dick on him that just won't quit.
And his sperm is so sweet and tasty." We smiled at each other, then I said,
"We should probably have Dontazz come into the office when we suck dark lolita pussy portals his dick,
so we don't get caught in the bathroom by some unsuspecting customer. By the
way, does Dontazz work tomorrow?" We both laughed as he said, "I'll see that
he does." I got up to go home, then turned around and said, "See if he has
an older brother who needs a job."

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